Love this little bag~

New video!~

"How/Where I learn Japanese!"

I’m no nihongo master, but this was requested a lot, so I hope it helps some of you.

All the links and references I mention in this video are in my blogpost here.

Thanks for watching! <3

Yey, new jpop cover up!

It also features a top and some accessories from Kawaii Goods

I did a review on everything here

Thank you so much for watching! <3

#SELFIE - The Chainsmokers ft Fluffy Alpacas??

The alpacas made me do it!

Also, shout out to Deerstalker Pictures, who inspired me.

Yey this outfit is featured in my latest video!I also did a review of the clothes from Choies too~(๑✧◡✧๑)

Yey it uploaded!

2NE1-Come Back Home (English Version) ft Zombie Girl and Choies Clothing!

I also did a review of the choies clothes here
And Zombie Girl’s website

<3 <3 <3

Blame the aliens even for the missing last biscuit
oops woke up and I was Kyary

So I had a go at doing this song in english…the translations online were really rough, so I just decided to re write everything, and keep within the theme of the song! I also added a rap too…yoyoyoyoyo xD I added all the lyrics on my soundcloud description.

Yey, my new hair colour! I had to use flash because it&#8217;s so dark in this house, so I look like a vampire oops.
Also going to top the purple up more to make it even brighter later on. ^^

Went to get ma hair did but it went wrong oops

Have to go back tonight to get it sorted >.<

No longer a red head though! I miss it already….I might have to get a red wig haha!

NEW VIDEO~ Woooop! Lily Allen’s Air Balloon in Japanese! With help from  ! Thank youuuuuuu~<3 <3

I have an interview up on District MTV wohooo!Also shout out to Alis for the photo&#8217;s!


I changed my twitter account to Kelsey Ellison

Some of you may know I hate the name kimonotime haha