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Hello you, I hope you’re good!

New Dance Video out! Taemin’s DANGER :)

I’ve had this dance learnt for a while now, but I’ve only really had time to film it now. I am still recovering from a cold/flu, so if I look a bit dead, I’m sorry haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

So at 5am this morning before I went to London, I got a great (I think) idea for my 50,000 video, here’s a screenshot Spoiler it includes me dancing in London like a fool again
Who dat who dat

Two Piece Suit from here <3

New video! It’s my first ever hair tutorial, so please be nice! Fanatsy Mermaid Hair Tutorial. And thank you so much to Fudge Urban for the incredible products <3

So here’s my ALS ice bucket challenge, thanks Mark for nominating me!

Donate to ALS here: 

I donated $10

The Upworthy Video

Net Idol related, sorry if you don’t understand what I’m talking about!

I’m not just saying this now because I’m being dragged into the drama I just avoided it for a long time and after the whole VenusAngelic situation, I’ve just wanted to stay away from drama since then. But I’ve been getting messages and seen forums assuming things about myself and others. I don’t support Jrcach, I don’t support the hate being sent to net idols from him and I don’t support the hate potentially being sent to net idols coming from other people in the community either. I especially was disgusted with how Jrcach treated keekihime and black net idols. 
I thought at first he was useful, I liked his posts and he helped me with Nico Nico and I thank him for that, but after a while, the things I saw I couldn’t support. My youtube was already developed and I had around 10,000 subscribers at the time his blog came out, so I didn’t like his posts and lick his butt to try and get a leg up in the net idol world, like some people are assuming. He just posted articles about me, without me asking. He has had nothing to do with the youtube I’ve built up over the years.
I hope this will all die down soon because before it all blew up again, everyone seemed to be getting on really well and it’s disappointing an anonymous Japanese man who has no credits whatsoever can split us all apart again.

When people compliment me or are nice to me and stuff, the only thing I can say is thank you, and I feel like I need to say more and I don’t know what to say, but I really really mean thank you like really thank you like thank you thank you

I hope you understand how many thanks I thank <3

Kawaii Cheerleader set from G.F.D
Photo by xAlso, if you missed it, I uploaded a live version of Pom Pom with some extra dancing at the end last night! Thank you so much for all your support!  x

New video! Performing Pom Pom live at Hyper Japan with some added extra dancing at the end! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much Abi for recording it on your snazzy camera :)

Today at Hyper Japan was awesome! Got to sing some karaoke, perform on stage and got these super kawaii sunglasses and dungarees! 
I&#8217;m going again tomorrow and I&#8217;ll be performing in the Kawaii Combined set on the fringe stage at 3.15pm!I&#8217;m also performing my own full set at the After Party which starts at 7pm at the Namco Arcade, and is free! Really looking forward to it! Feel free to say hi tomorrow if you see me   


I’ve never watched sailor moon. I don’t know where I was when everyone else watched it when they were a kid in the U.K, because it was never on my T.V! We didn’t have cable or anything though, so that might have been why. I also remember that a lot of people older than me remember watching it, so maybe I’m too young to remember it, Idk??

I just think it’s really pretty! And also, some people may disagree, but just from looking at pictures and videos, I prefer the older version sooo much more, it’s so much more heart warming and I dunno…pretty and magical, the newer version looks a bit cold.

We Out There (ootd)Jacket xAlien top x
( I know I did the sign wrong, I can&#8217;t seem to do it as well when I out stretch my thumb haha)
This weather is way too warm for fringe/bangs

This is the Kpop Mashup I did in my Yorkshire Cosplay Con performance!