Does anyone know how I can track anons on tumblr?

Does anyone know how I can track anons on tumblr?

There’s a certain user who is starting to really annoy me, who keeps posting really scary asks and I’ve had enough now!

I tried the “inspect source/element” right click on block thing on both firefox and chrome, but it doesn’t work anymore as the HTML code doesn’t show the IP address ;A:


Thanks guys

But I keep blocking him, and he keeps coming back. Also, I tried that method, and like I said it doesn’t show “IP:****” anymore ;A:

  1. fifthavenuerunway.tumbl… this should work :3
  2. Block him? :)
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    Get Statcounter.
  2. prosticutee answered: It’s cyber bullying. Call the cops, get them in a shit ton of trouble if it’s that bad ^_^ haha
  3. 3rd-millennium answered:… this youtube video is helpful. I’m not sure it would work for false ip addresses
  4. the1970z answered: statcounter. com you can see the ip adress, and where the person lives, but thats all actually. :\ i need to know too actually
  5. princess-fukawa answered: fifthavenuerunway.tumbl… this should work :3
  6. im-a-witch-and-hes-a-heretic answered: Block him? :)
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