idollia asked: ahh kelsey i hope i'm not bothering you!! but i reeeeeaally love your style and i totally want to dress like you sorta someday but the problem is..... my parents dont like this style very much OTL were your parents supportive of the way you dressed in the beginning or--?? thanks in advance ' v '

Hi! And no you’re not at all :)

This is always a difficult one to answer because it always depends on the parents. My dad is in bands, so he’s always worn wacky clothes, so our family is pretty used to it. Although my mum was very strict on no hair dye and no make up, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 16 (that doesn’t mean I didn’t put it on when I went to school and then took it off haha!).

I found the best way was to gradually change my style, with just accessories or a t shirt to start off with, and then just build it up before they suddenly find a fully blown kawaii mess in front of them haha! It got them used to it and it wasn’t such a full on shock and it helped them embrace it more.

Your parents only want the best for you and sometimes it’s a little hard to make them see that it’s only clothes, but until you’re 18 or you can move out, I don’t think there is really much you can do if they’re really strict. If you have a respectful conversation with them, maybe even show images or people that inspire you, they may respect you for that and might be able to see your side.

But anyway, stay inspired and I wish you luck! And I’m sure you look fab in whatever you wear! <3

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New video! It’s my first ever hair tutorial, so please be nice! Fanatsy Mermaid Hair Tutorial. And thank you so much to Fudge Urban for the incredible products <3


do vampires just use their teeth to make a puncture wound and then suck, or are their fangs like a straw

i havent slept in three days

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i cant believe i never posted this earlier omg
back at the kyary concert in april, i got to briefly speak to two of my idols, kelsey / kimonotime and abi-pop and oh my goodness they were both so sweet, im so glad i got a photo with them in their amazing kyary cosplays (`・ω・´)

It was lovely meeting you~♪ ^-^ Your outfit was amazing!!!
Anonymous asked: Hi Kelsey! I've been a fan since you released your cover for I ♥を踊ってみた and been following you since then. I'm really happy for you and how you've grown and continue to grow as a performer and a person. I'm truly very sorry for all of the poor treatment you've been getting lately because of the X Factor and that certain "japanese" blogger, but I just wanted to let you know that all of your fans and I are here to support you. Please don't stop what you do! - From a shy fan in Canada >.<

Wow, so that’s a while then! Thank you so much for sticking by and supporting me, I really apppreciate it! <3 

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Anonymous asked: what you do is kind of offensive. do you really know any japanese or korean culture? do you know the difference between asians or ar you literally just a white girl obsessed with asia.

If you actually followed me you’d know I’ve been very educated in Japanese culture especially for years now and I learn the language, talk to Japanese people and I learn about the culture every day. Now at the start of this year, I began the same with Korean culture…next year it might be greece, india…I love learning about the world. And yes, I do know the differences between asian countries, I made sure I did so I wouldn’t offend anyone. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello. I have just found you and I am so sorry for all of the hate you are getting. I think it's very cool that you tried a Korean song and you inspire people like me who are not Korean to learn and truly appreciate the culture and the language. I am not Korean and I hope you realize that by doing this, you have opened up new opportunities for people like me. Thank you, and I wish you great success in the future.

See, this is the reason why I thought going on national TV was a good idea! It’s a shame it backfired, but it opened someone up to a door to a different culture! I’m so glad you’re inspired! 

And thank you so much! <3

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Anonymous asked: Ah omg you're so cute and talented. I kindof have an obsession with hair and I LOVE yours. I wish I had naturally straight hair, I have to blowdry it so it doesn't look fuzzy lol. Anyways I can't wait to see more videos from you, and sorry about the X Factor catastrophe! But we all are here to support you.

Ahhhh thank you :)

And I’m sure you have beautiful hair <3 <3

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Anonymous asked: I just want to make it absolutely and abundantly clear that you will not lose a single fan over this X factor thing. We know who you really are. With so many of your videos showing your amazing talent and beautiful personality, even if you hadn't explained what X-Factor had done to you, we would still have stood by you. Please keep doing what you do and don't let this blip phase you <3

Thank you so much for messaging me. I was just so worried about disappointing you all, and I probably shouldn’t have, you guys have done everything and more to support me and I honestly can’t believe it, I feel bad for even doubting any of you! Thank you <3

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megvnmvrie asked: omg I just wanted to say I am OBSESSED with your song "Pom Pom" I had to buy it so addictive, your voice is so good, I can't wait till you make an album. Ignore the cry babies, it's good to embrace other cultures and learn about them. xo

Ahhhhh that makes me blush so much, I really really appreciate that you like my music!

Thank you! <3

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