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Perfect 60s outfit for a nymphet!
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some kid slapped together a top-10 anime video in windows movie maker and it just sat around on youtube until arriving at its karmic destiny of upsetting kanye west
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its hard being hilarious when everyone ignores you

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Anonymous asked: I'm too shy to say this off anon but, I truly think you are a wonderful person and a kind soul and it makes me sad to hear how you were treated. I met you once at MCM Expo and I can say with no doubt that you are an inspiration to several. I hope things turn out well for you Kelsey ♥

Sorry it took so long to reply, I’ve been avoiding my ask box for a bit!

But awwww oh my gosh, hearing that makes me more determined to work hard and carry on! Thank you so much for the support, it really means a lot! <3

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Anonymous asked: Do you still like Baby Metal? Did you go to see them when they came to the UK?

Yep I do, I really wanted to but I can’t afford to go <3

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Anonymous asked: i'm new to your channel so i was just wondering if you've ever done a make up tutorial and if not have you considered it?

No I haven’t and I have considered it! I just don’t really have the right materials or camera to do it with >.<

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haute-pocket asked: I hope you dont mind me asking, but do you wear false eyelashes? If not what mascara and other beauty products do you use? Your eyelashes always look so full!

I wear them for my videos and for photo shoots, but normal days, and for ever day selfies (lol) I use Miss Manga mascara by Loreal ^^ 

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Anonymous asked: Are you that fit from all of the dancing or something else? :o

Just dancing and eating kind of healthy haha

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Anonymous asked: Congrats for 49000 subs!

Thank you! ^^

I really want to do something special or crazy for 50,000 subs! Any ideas? 

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my life
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my life
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