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Today at Hyper Japan was awesome! Got to sing some karaoke, perform on stage and got these super kawaii sunglasses and dungarees! 
I’m going again tomorrow and I’ll be performing in the Kawaii Combined set on the fringe stage at 3.15pm!I’m also performing my own full set at the After Party which starts at 7pm at the Namco Arcade, and is free! Really looking forward to it! Feel free to say hi tomorrow if you see me   

FInally covered Kelseys song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJMZj6Y4K7M ) yey i really like the song so knew I had to dance to it :)

Wow this is awesome! I love the setting too it’s beautiful! Thank you sooo much for the support! <3 <3
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Anonymous asked: Congrats for 47000 subs! Watching your perfect Colorful pop beat dance cover!

Woah how did that happen! Last time I looked, I was on 46,600! Thank you so much! ^^

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ishiburo asked: woww your style is super cute!!

Thank you! <3

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Anonymous asked: Hey there! I just wanted to say that you are super adorable and I wanted to ask you a fashion question. I'm in love with Harajuku style clothing and pastel stuff but almost every brand of clothing that has the style I like is too small for me. Do you know any way I can overcome this predicament?

Hi, thank you sooo much!<3

Unfortunately, I don’t personally know, but some of my followers might do! So this is a question for you all and I hope it can help you out!

I know some indie brands may do bigger sizes, and I’ve seen people wear bigger sizes. but I don’t know of them. Can you guys help us out? ^^

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sassytaco asked: Hey, Kelsey! I saw that MTV thought you were Kyari! That's the most amazing mistake ever. You remind me of her too. - Ida

Hahah I feel like I’ve unlocked over 100 goals because of that! I don’t think I look liker her, especially out of cosplay, but thank you so much! <3

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