Anonymous asked: Sheffield Anon here again - I'm actually on the Japanese Studies course ;3

Go talk to her then! You guys probably could be great friends :D 

Anonymous asked: Whenever I watch your videos im amazed how thin and pretty you are! I'm about the same height as you (5'1") but much chubbier. <(ˍ ˍ*)> Do you think you could give some tips on healthy eating and exercise?

asdfghjkkl thank you ;A; I think I’m pretty much average weight though for my build and metabolism. It all depends on genetics and how your body works, so no one will ever have the same body type even if they are the same height!

But I do exercise LOADS. I love dancing, so I”m always doing it. I do workout every week day and have a rest at the weekends. I start off with a cardio which is usually a couple of dances really full out (or if I’m learning a dance, I’ll use that as my cardio). Then after that I’ll do squats and then I do pilates to tone (blogilates on youtube’s basic pilates is a great place to start).

For diet, I do pretty much eat what I want, but I always make sure my portions are right. Also I eat little and often, so I’ll snack on nuts or fruit. I don’t like sweets and I don’t have any soda, I only drink water or tea and I’ve heard that people who are dieting find that cutting rubbish drinks out really helps. I also limit myself to only having chocolate at the weekends, because if not I would eat it all the time lol.

Hope that helps a little! But don’t stress, if you feel healthy and you are eating well and exercising already there’s nothing to be worried about! <3

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